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Let your agents focus on the conversation! While it's very easy to get started with Cloud Dial, some campaigns are more complex than others. Cloud Dial has a wide range of advanced features that put you in control.

✔️ Import Contacts into our Cloud Dial

Start by importing a list of contacts you already have. Cloud Dial includes a built-in Contact Manager that allows you to categorise, sort and search through your contacts in useful and efficient ways.

✔️ Answering Machine Detection

Make your team more productive by ensuring they're engaging with actual humans, not wasting their time talking to robots.

✔️ Predictive Dialler

Intelligent outbound call system designed to maintain a high level of utilisation and cost efficiency in the contact centre.

✔️ Campaign Blaster

Just set and forget! Fully automated outbound campaign with no user agents involved. This campaign will make outbound calls and play a pre-recorded message.

✔️ Live Activity Monitoring and Call Recording

Know the status of your campaign at any given moment and without having to ask a technician. Access live status overviews and browse live data. Agents can review recent calls to find ways to improve. Administrators can for training too!

✔️ Skills Based Call Routing

Skills Based Call Routing allows Cloud Dial to intelligently route calls to Agents based on their skill set. Save time and energy routing calls around the business.

✔️ Contact/Campaign Wrap-Ups

A Wrap-Up reason allows the agent to click a single button when ending the call to signify the outcome of the call for easy reporting. Manage reporting of campaigns with easy to use Wrap-Up tool.

✔️ Reporting

Get rid of the guesswork. Monitor individual and team metrics in real-time to start making measurable improvements.

✔️ Security

We know your data is sensitive. All Cloud Dial traffic happens through a secure connection (https). Data is backed up on multiple servers.

Cloud Dial User Specification List

Cloud Dial comes with such features that make it highly customer-centric and result-oriented.
Cloud Dial is made strategically in a way that is most efficient and user-friendly, with intelligent algorithms and intuitive interface to keep you ahead.
Instant set-up, more flexibility, higher security and real-time access are a few of the benefits of hosting contact centres on the cloud with Cloud Dial.


  • Custom Access Profiles
  • CRM Integration
  • Permit IPs for Access
  • Select Caller IDs
  • Set operation times
  • Manager Users
  • Manage Campaign Scripts
  • Download Reports
  • Configure AMD


  • Create and Manage Campaigns
  • Call Monitoring
  • Agent Performance Monitoring
  • Campaign Dial Strategy
  • Live Activity Monitor
  • Message Agents
  • Manage Call Backs
  • Check Dialler History
  • Turn on AMD
  • Add Script to Campaign
  • Edit Do Not Call Register


  • Simple Interface
  • Self-Registration Option
  • Select Campaign
  • Record Arrangements
  • Mute/Stop call recording
  • CRM Popper
  • Wrap Up Contact
  • Take a Break
  • Check Performance
  • Setup Auto Call Back
  • Add to Do Not Call Register

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