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Cloud Management for your Contact Centre

Cloud Dial is the essential tool for powering your call centre operations

Cloud Dial

Set up campaigns with the ease of a self-service solution, making your operations more productive and profitable.


Campaign Manager Access


Agent Access and Call Management


Campaign data management, analytics and reporting tools

Campaign Manager Access

As a manager using Cloud Dial, you will be provided with full spectrum call centre and campaign management tools to easily set up and manage inbound and outbound telephony campaigns.

The Cloud Dial management portal provides levels of access for administrators, campaign managers and agents.

Set up call campaigns and dialling speeds

Import and organise contacts

Customise a caller ID for your calls

Customise emails, scripts, and dispositions

Campaign Manager Access
Agent Access and Call Management

Agent Access and Call Management

Designed with ease of use in mind with minimal training required, Cloud Dial is perfect for quickly deploying agents in response to campaign workload. As an all-in-one solution, Cloud Dial contains a dialler (Predictive or Power), call recording including optional call encryption, and simple access to real time reports.

Predictive Dialling and Power Dialling

Preview a contact before connecting

Create blaster campaigns with complete automation

Leave record history notes on contacts

Campaign data management, analytics and reporting tools

Managers will have the ability to create and monitor campaigns and agent performance proactively, and compare findings with peer averages to quickly spot potential issues.

Wrap up campaigns in real time

View usage reports and analytics

Review call recordings

Monitor campaigns via the Management Dashboard

Campaign data management, analytics and reporting tools
Cloud Dial

Cloud Dial call centre software allows for integral management of your work centre performance in real time.

your people

Turn lost time
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